The Eighth Day of Creation

Award-winning author Dov Silverman has done it again with The Eighth Day of Creation, a religious thriller.

The Eighth Day of Creation

By Dov Silverman
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 16, 2013
Words: 60,734 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

This action novel sweeps through today’s conflicts between science, religion, power and greed. Vinegar Joe Jobynski, born in a coffin, a defrocked priest and now Professor of Quantum Physics is an FBI consultant in cases of religious homicide. His adversary Kathy Connors, a beautiful Eurasian and best defense attorney in the business, protects Reverend Paul Smith. Smith a conniving, lying, pervert

Extended description

Rev. Smith is charged with the mass murder of his Brooklyn congregation. Smith is a schizophrenic. His second personality is God. The problem arises when it is proven to Jobynski and Connors that Smith’s God character really is God. Jobynski was chosen by the Almighty for his work with the String Theory of Quantum Physics and Connors for her legal and TV debating skills. Together they will face Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist leaders in three, worldwide TV debates. The Vatican and World Council of Churches utilize professional hit men to stop Jobynski and Connors from appearing. Protected by the FBI and guided by God, they are betrayed by friends, family, hunted by professional killers and religious fanatics. The book ends with the reader facing two questions

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