Frank Crowe Excerpt

“I never flew a plane before,” Frank said.

“If you make a small mistake, I’ll correct it.”

“And if I make a big one?”

“Neither of us will have anything to worry about.”

After several minutes of a white knuckled grip on the control wheel Frank heard the pilot say, “For the Tri-motor it will cost $15.00 an hour plus one dollar per hour per passenger. You don’t need such a large plane for filming. This plane can be fitted with cameras and would only cost $10.00 an hour plus the film and film processing.”

“How much are you selling this plane for?”

“Eight hundred and fifty dollars.”

“You take the wheel back; give me that pencil and paper.” Frank scribbled some figures, crossed them out, wrote again, and then said. “Here’s my proposal. Six Companies will put you on retainer for one year at $500 a month against actual use of your planes, whichever is higher. We’ll pay you $1,000 for this plane equipped with your cameras. You can have a buy-back clause if you want and can pick up $1,500 in Las Vegas right away.”

“Mr. Crowe, you’ve got a deal. My name is Jack Birns.” The two men shook hands.

“Your first job with the new Stinson is to pick up laboratory equipment from Denver, Ohio, and afterwards two geology professors from Los Angeles. You’ll have to land in Las Vegas until we can build a landing strip near the dam site.”

“Is it true they have Hawaiian whores in Las Vegas?”

“Who told you that?

“A radio announcer said something about Hawaiian Ley tokens being good for one screw.”

“See Pop Squires, Editor of the town newspaper. He’ll help you.”

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