Frank Crowe Excerpt

“We don’t use real names,” the female voice said.

“Why not?”

“Guess we hope times will get better and we don’t want to be embarrassed about our past. They call me Grandma Okie. Where you from?”


“We’ll call you. There’s already a Nebraska Kid, how about Nebraska Momma?”

“Just plain Nebraska. People on the road called us Okies. Used it like a curse word.”

“They call anyone without a home Okies. A lot of hate going around.”

“And enough people to spread it on,” a male voice from the dark said. “Where you headed, lady?”

The train lurched forward and everyone fell back.

“The Hoover Dam.”

“Me too,” other voices in the car chorused.

“You got a job there?” someone asked.

“No, but I do bookkeeping.”

There was silence in the car.

“Did I say something wrong?” Nebraska asked.

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I write comic books, Heavenly Bride being my main focus at the moment, and other such tidbits. I believe in UFOs, but think it's silly to blame HARRP on everything. And I like black-eyed susans.

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