“My Diocese Public Relations Advisor recommends we direct our language and message to the TV audience. We must use Jobynski and Connors as foils to reach the viewers. Keep our language at an eighth grade level. We must convince the audience not our opposition. The little atheist never convinced us or Connors and Jobynski of anything. Our polls show Professor Moxon had the greatest impact on the viewing audience. She spoke for public consumption.”

“A clever lady.” Wessels said. “She was first among us to condemn the assassination attempt.”

“It was Christians who planted the bomb.”

“I thought it would be the Muslims.”

“The FBI is protecting Jobynski and Connors.” Father Klein said.

“You and I must protect Christianity,” Parker Wessels said. “An elderly lady in my congregation roused us yesterday. She asked if Connors and Jobynski could be ‘The Two Witnesses’.”

“From the Book of Revelations?” Father Klein asked.

“Yes, she quoted chapter and verse.”

“But they are supposed to appear in sackcloth prophesying the Apocalypse and Judgment Day.”

“She said, photos of Jobynski taken at the police station looked like he was wearing sack cloth. Did you notice his tennis shoes and no socks?”

. “According to my understanding, Father Klein said, “The Seven trumpets of Heaven will announce the Two Witnesses. They will prophesize and the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt, fulfilling God’s prophecy.”

“If the Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem that means Islam’s third holiest Mosque, the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed?”

“That’s what frightens the Vatican and the World Council of Churches,” Father Klein said.

“I don’t understand?” Wessels said.

“Revelations 11:4.” the Priest replied. “The word of God is going to be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit, represented by the two witnesses. Not by Jesus Christ!”

“But in Revelations 10:7” Wessels said, “When the Seventh Angel blows his trumpet it foretells the shattering of the holy people, the fall of Jerusalem. It is the judgment against the Jewish nation.”

“I don’t know what to make of it,” Father Adolph Klein said, He took out his rosaries. He and Parker Wessels prayed.


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