Dockside in Woolwich, England on August 24th 1833.

Amphitrite is Faction (fact and fiction blended to impart the human drama taking place). This story is based on the published accounts of Pierre Henin, François Herut in English and French newspapers reporting the loss of the Amphitrite, a Woman’s Prison Ship sailing for Australia.

The wreck of the Amphitrite changed the penal laws of England. It highlighted the animosity between Protestant England and Catholic France. The catastrophe was compounded by the horrendous loss of young female lives due to English naval regulations, later amended because of this tragedy.

Contrary to what was originally printed in English newspapers, charging French citizens robbed and abandoned the drowning women and children on the beach, I believe the Catholics of Boulogne, saved the Irish Catholic female prisoners. And with the help of local politicians, priests and police hid them, later integrating them into the community.

I offer this complimentary novella in hopes you will think enough of my writing to purchase The Fall of the Shogun series and consider this five book historical account on the modernization of Japan. These novels appeared on the London Times Best Seller List and the Australian Book of the Month Club. These five novels written in English, and translated to German, Polish and Hebrew. Dov Silverman is ninth generation Brooklyn, N.Y., born in 1933, A Marine veteran of the Korean War with three battle stars and two Presidential Unit Citations. He worked twenty years on the N.Y. Long Island Railroad as a Conductor. While on the railroad he earned his High School diploma at age 34 and went on to graduate Stony Brook University cum laude with majors in History, English and Education. In 1972 he took his family to Israel. They lived in Safed just above the Sea of Galilee (the setting for the Legends of Safed and The Kabbalist). There Dov taught English, became a supervisor of teachers and High School Principal and elected to the City council as special advisor to education.

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