Gold to India

webcoverAt 6:58 a.m., Sunday, 26 December 2004, planet Earth trembled. An underwater earthquake equal to the power of 23,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs shook the world. The deep-water seismic eruption generated ocean swells 50 feet high.They became tsunamis. Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal in south east India was devastated. Villages, towns and cities three miles inland were obliterated.

The Raj’s oldest son, Raikar, convinces his father to buy gold directly from the mines to be melted down and cast as floor plates in a plane. In this way the gold can be shipped secretly to the Bay of Bengal as relief funds. Unfortunately, the plane was lost in flight. With it’s loss comes betrayal and a class of siblings. Either the money is forever lost or it will be returned to the desperate community of Tamil Nadu, devastated by the tsunamis.

Dov Silverman lives up to the expectations resulting from his five book “Fall of the Shogun Best Seller series.”

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