The Fall of the Shogun

London Times bestseller list: Out of the mysterious world of isolated, 19th century Japan comes a young boy who will change the course of history. John Mung leads his adopted brother, John Whittefield, into this exotic society and together they are instrumental in causing THE FALL OF THE SHOGUN, which returns the Meiji Emperor to power. A sweeping novel in the James Michener/Clavell genre.

John Mung, a Japanese fisherboy, is rescued and adopted by American ship Captain Whittefield. With a Harvard education, Mung returns to 19th century Japan and becomes the bridge for western knowledge into that isolated island kingdom. John Whittefield, Mung’s adopted brother, becomes Commodore Perry’s liaison between the Japanese Emperor and the United States.John later becomes Secretary of the Navy.
In this 5 book faction series (fiction based on fact), these two men and their descendants devote their lives to bringing the Japanese people into the twentieth century and to peaceful relations between their countries. The tragedy of Pearl Harbor is foretold at Versailles. Japan, America’s loyal ally in World War 1, is officially designated an “inferior race”, then insulted publicly and financially at the peace talks.
The John Mung series answers the oft-asked question, “How could the Japanese, a mechanically, scientifically and economically backward nation when Perry stepped ashore in 1843, go on to vanquish their enemies through the years?” They rise to challenge and defeat China, Korea and Russia; later they attack France, England and the US. THE FALL OF THE SHOGUN, allows the return of the Meiji Emperor to power.

Available through and everywhere eBooks are sold.

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