Legends of Safed



In Safed, Dov taught English as a second language, was a high school principal, lecturer on teaching methods, a supervisor of English teachers, and taught creative writing at universities in Israel and the united states. He served 4 years as a Safed city councilman. his wife, Janet, was his editor and helpmate throughout their 50 years together. Janet passed three years ago.

Dov Silverman is the author of the fall of the shogun five-book historical series that appeared on the london times best-seller list and was also published in german, polish and hebrew. he won a 1988 suntory mystery fiction award in japan for revenge of the good shepherds; published in japanese was writer-in-residence at christian brothers university, memphis, tennessee, a teacher at writer’s digest magazine correspondence school, 1994-1997. the kabbalist published english 2007, romainian 2009, spanish 2012.
Now available here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/245954

And in most places eBooks are sold.

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