Revenge of the Good Shepherds

Tells of torture in a Vietnamese prison, an international drug conglomerate run by two sadistic ex-CIA operatives, a bank-boat robbery on Long Island, a filmed sexual orgy used for blackmailing International officials and about solving the mystery of the stolen Vietnamese National treasure to be reclaimed by the Good Shepherds.

The original founders of the Good Shepherds are growing old. Alec Finney, formerly of British Intelligence, recruits ex-Marine Captain Nelson Cross and Tal Caspi, female Israeli Olympic athlete to breathe new life and funds into The Good Shepherds by recovering the Vietnamese Gold.

Alec, Nelly and Tal each have deep psychological needs for revenge. Alec, “The Button Man,” seeks vengeance against the IRA murderers of his wife, daughters and granddaughters; Nelson Cross against the CIA agents who killed his squad of Marines in order to steal South Vietnamese gold; Tal Caspi against the Arab terrorists who slaughtered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics and shot off her hand.

With its provocative plot and fine writing, the reader is made to experience the trials and tribulations from the point of view of those suffering the trauma of evil. Revenge is justified. All characters, good/bad grasp the reader’s emotions and bring The Good Shepherds to life.

Can be found at Smashwords (click here) as well as other outlets such as Barnes and Noble.

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