End Chapter


It is with a very heavy heart that I am here to announce that Dov Silverman has left us for better pastures.

He brought us a large amount of amazing tales – excellent characters, daring scenarios, and triumphs over evil and the folly of man. The world is made poor by his departure.

Go forth bravely, Master Wordsmith. You will be missed.

Gold to India Cover Reveal

That’s right: the cover is finally here. We hope it portrays the tragedy that sets this story in motion with our golden symbol of corruption flying overhead. Gold to India is a treasure hunt for stolen gold, a story of a song’s betrayal and a sister’s decision to stand by her father, and a has-been’s tale of redemption. When Dov Silverman released this book, he released yet another treasure for the world to read.

It will soon be available on paperback. Keep your eyes peeled.