Status – Giveaway Books for Frank Crowe

coverHi there! This is Katrina speaking: the all around blog poster and one of the pr people for the indominable Dov Silverman. I have been in charge of the book giveaway on Goodreads – and I can tell you we have two lucky winners who are going to be receiving their books any day now. And what heavy books they are!

I’m a little chagrined at the moment about it. The books arrived from the printer – hoozah! – but when I opened the box and excitedly took my first peek at the books I realized they were all marked “proof” on the final page. Oh no! At least the books were approveable to the printer, so what the winners are going to receive are no different from what is now available for purchase through Createspace and soon Amazon. Well, except for a big “proof” at the back.

But the books arrived, they are on their way you two lucky winners! We look forward to hearing your feedback!!


Wanna Free Copy of Frank Crowe?

Frank Crowe, the Dam Builder That Changed the Face of the Earth is released to Kindle viewers only… but it won’t be long until it’s also available in paperback through Createspace. You can wait until next month for the five day long giveaway event of this book, or you can head on over to Goodreads and enter to try to win a free copy. The choice is yours!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Frank Crowe, The Dam Builder Who Changed the Face of the Earth by Dov Silverman

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