The Power Path

We’re proud to announce that Dov Silverman’s award winning series covering the life of John Mung, the fisherboy who changed the future and social structure of Japan, is now in a boxed set entitled, “the Power Path”.

Due to it’s large size, it’s only available by e-book. You will be able to find it at verious bookstore outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also find it directly here:


The First Two Books of the John Mung Saga are Finally Out There…

… for your consumption. Their covers have been refurbished back into bright colors, and the story is the same sweeping tale thousands have come to know and love. Learn the story of John Mung, the fisherboy who became the bridge between Japan and the Western World.

The Fall of the Shogun

The Black Dragon

Available through Smashwords and wherever books are sold!